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No Rarity/Cardless


Type: Troop

"These wimpy little air units believe heavily in the strategy of strength in numbers. Maybe a little too much, actually."

Tiny air units that usually appear in large numbers. They aren't very special. Although, they have a range of 0.75 tiles.

65 HP, 15 Damage Per Second (10 Damage per hit, with a 0.66 second hit speed). Health and Damage increase by 10% per level.


Mist Elemental:

Type: Troop

"The Mist Elemental is the epitome of a lightweight. She flies gracefully and shields her allies with a mystical veil of fog."

Makes a veil of mist around herself (1.5 tile radius), any allies in the vacinity get targeted 50% slower while veiled. She has a maximum range of 4 tiles.

Elixir Cost: 4

450 Hp, 30 damage per second (15 damage per hit, with a 0.5 second hit speed). Health and damage increase by 10% each level.

Swarmling Plume

Type: Building

"A plume of eggs that erupts into Swarmlings."

Spawns 5 Swarmlings over the course of 2 seconds.

Elixir Cost: 3

50 HP, with a 2 second lifetime. Health increases by 10% per level. Swarmling level is equivalent to that of the Plume.


Minion Gateway:

Type: Building

"Building that summons minions. Don't look at it for too long, the land they come from is beyond our comprehension."

Creates 1 minion every 5.9 Seconds, and has a 60 second lifetime

Elixir Cost: 6

550 Hp and spawns level 3 minions at level 1, health increases by 10% and minion level increases by 1 per level. Eg. Level 3 gateway spawns level 5 minions.



Type: Troop

"Massive flying unit that roasts everything. Now who's the biggest flying monster, eh?"

Deals splash in a 1 tile radius, attacks once every 2.5 seconds. It has an attack range of 5 tiles

Elixir Cost: 7

2000 Hp and 300 damage per second at level 1, health and damage increase by 10% per level

Hauling Wretch

Type: Troop

"A large, twisting creature of the sky that really likes keeping Swarmlings in its belly. To the point where one might think it's a weird thing the Wretch has going. Or maybe they're just good mutual friends with a careful understanding of eachother's kind. Who knows?"

Elixir Cost: 7

Has 600 HP, and deals 30 Damage per Second (20 damage per hit, with a 1.5 second hit speed). It has an attack range of 3 tiles. Health and Damage increase by 10% every level.

Additionally, it wil summon 2 Swarmlings that are 5 levels higher than itself once every 9 seconds.

Rancid Wretch

Type: Troop

"Rancid Wretch knows his toxic vomit is disgusting, and also corrosive. His secret? He has a special pre-game meal: warm, moldy mayonnaise. No wonder he throws up so much."

Elixir Cost: 5

Has 900 HP, and deals 30 damage per second (20 Damage per shot, with 0.33 seconds between shots in a volley, with 1 second between volleys). Additionally, adds 1 second of 10/second poison damage per shot. Poison DoT doubles once every 3 seconds. Has a range of about 4 tiles. Damage and Health increase by 10% per level, while Poison DoT increases by 20% per level.


Dragon Nest

Type: Building

"Nest of Dragon eggs, spawns up to 4 Baby Dragons"

Spawns a Baby Dragon once every 14.9 seconds

Elixir Cost: 9

620 Hp, 1 minute and 5 second lifetime. Health goes up by 10% per level, and the baby dragons it spawns are 3 levels higher than itself. (E.g.: Level 1 nest spawns level 4 baby dragons)