• Zoura3025

    I just have some ideas I'd like to share, feel free to do the same! If there's enough ideas I may start a new wiki.

    Type: Troop

    "These wimpy little air units believe heavily in the strategy of strength in numbers. Maybe a little too much, actually."

    Tiny air units that usually appear in large numbers. They aren't very special. Although, they have a range of 0.75 tiles.

    65 HP, 15 Damage Per Second (10 Damage per hit, with a 0.66 second hit speed). Health and Damage increase by 10% per level.

    Type: Troop

    "The Mist Elemental is the epitome of a lightweight. She flies gracefully and shields her allies with a mystical veil of fog."

    Makes a veil of mist around herself (1.5 tile radius), any allies in the vacinity get targeted 50% slower while veiled. S…

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