• Zoura3025

    I just have some ideas I'd like to share, feel free to do the same! If there's enough ideas I may start a new wiki.

    Type: Troop

    "The Mist Elemental is the epitome of a lightweight. She flies gracefully and shields her allies with a mystical veil of fog."

    Makes a veil of mist around herself (0.75 tile radius), any allies in the vacinity get targetted 50% slower while veiled. Attacks once every second

    Elixir Cost: 4

    450 Hp, 20 damage per second. Health and damage increase by 10% each level.

    Type: Building

    "Building that summons minions. Don't look at it for too long, the land they come from is beyond our comprehension"

    Creates 2 minions every 6.9 Seconds

    Elixir Cost: 6

    550 Hp and spawns level 3 minions at level 1, health increases by 10% and minion le…

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