• Zixuan2

    Here are some changes for Clash Royale not relating to cards that I suggest:

     Overtime increased by 180 seconds(Battles with Tournament Standards):

    Although Supercell's previous update is very effective in preventing draws, it is completely possible to have even 0-0 draws with 6 minutes gameplay(I experienced 2 draws in 13 challenge battles.) This is not just a waste of time(especially younger players whose playing time are limited) and also a waste of time. So, I believe 9-minutes gameplay should be able to solve this problem.

    Decrease Shop Legendary costs to 30 000(from 40 000)

    For free-to-play players, Legendaries are already very difficult to obtain, and to celebrate their progress to Legend Arena, you give them this in the shop?

    Delete theā€¦

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