• Zixuan1

    Ratings for all cards in CR

    December 25, 2016 by Zixuan1

    Training Camp:

    Knight(D): Outclassed by Valkyrie, Mini PEKKA, Lumberjack and Mega Minion, to name some. Hardly seen in Arenas 4+.

    Arrows(D): Outclassed by many other spells. Cannot kill troops more than Minions, and not fast enough deploy time. By the time it reaches the Skarmy your tank's already dead. Rarely seen in Arenas 5+.

    Archers(B): Cannot be killed by spells for elixir advantage. Counters most cards well and targets air.

    Bomber(C): Deals high damage and counters swarms well, 360 degrees splash. Cannot target air, however. Loses usage at Arenas 6+.

    Giant(B): Cheap for a burly unit, tanks well. When paired properly, it is nearly unstoppable. Mostly stopped by Inferno Tower.

    Fireball(B): Good for making positive elixir trades and killing s…

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