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aka Andrei Konstantin

  • I live in Aleutian Islands, Alaska
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Russian Rebel fighting the Blackguard
  • I am Male
  • YT: General Masher

    I know what you're thinking BB Wiki Contributors: General, you're an idiot! How come you've posted the same announcement on the Boom Beach Wiki?

    Good question right there, but note that if you say that I'm an idiot you're the REAL idiot! (drops microphone)

    Not everyone is a Boom Beach Wiki Contributor so I come here to make one for the Royale Contributors, in addition I occasionally make Clash Royale videos! Since I can't copy paste everything from the BB Wiki announcement (way to go bloody PC!), I'm gonna post a link for you guys to read and hopefully you guys can access it! Thanks! -General Masher

    Link to my BB Wiki Announcement

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  • YT: General Masher

    Meat Shielding

    November 26, 2016 by YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher (King Masher is my in game username)! I know I just popped out from the Boom Beach Wiki right into this wiki head first, but I feel like talking about a strategy used in a lot of strategy games...meat shielding. I'm going to go over what it is and why we use it and how we use it as well, that said lets get started!

    It's hard to understand how to meat shield in this game when you first don't know what it is. Meat shielding is when you protect a high damage, low health type of unit with a high health, low range unit. High damage units are awesome in these games but they usually have low health to balance the game. How do we use them considering their low health? We send in a high health low range unit which will take theā€¦

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