Clash Royale - Hall of Fame

Permanent Records

Title Achievement Date Name
Achievement All-Star First person to complete all achievements.
Legendary Winner First person to own all of the Legendary cards.

Breakable Records

Title Achievement Score Recipient
Trophy Addict Highest ever trophy count. Number Name
Trophy Legend Most legendary trophies ever. Number Name
The Gem King Highest amount of gems owned at once. Number Name
Win Royale Highest amount of wins. Number Name
Triad Wins Highest amount of three-crown wins. Number Name
The Clan's Crowns Highest amount of clan trophies. Number Name
Generous Royale Highest amount of donations in one season. Number Name

Please do keep in mind that this is not the final product. Once I get either SuperRobot or King's approval, the page will be made. I am open to suggestions for more achievements.