Hey guys!  So I've posted about this project here before, but I haven't gained much support since we talked last, so I figured it was worth a shot to try again! :)

So if you haven't heard, I posted a Clash Royale Lego set proposal on a platform called Lego Ideas. Lego Ideas is this amazing website which allows people to post ideas for Lego sets, and if the ideas, or projects, get enough support (10,000 votes, to be exact), the Lego Company will review the set, and consider making it into an official Lego set! It does not guarantee anything, but there's a big possibility that it could happen.  

So in order to get a Clash Royale Lego set, I need your support! I need 10,000 votes! I'm currently sitting at 146, with roughly 320 days left to gather support.  1% of the way there. So I need all the support I can get! Wanna support? Here's how:


An update I did a few weeks ago showcasing my new Musketeer rendition! :)

To support, simply click here! . Then you just click the big blue "Support" button at the top! You may have to create your very own Lego ID to make an account, but that is super easy and costs nothing at all! Stick to it, then come back to the project page and support! You'll have to fill out some quick expectations of a potential set, but you aren't in any way obligated to buy the set if it ever comes out, it is merely a means of showing how much (hopefully) we all would love a Clash Royale Lego set! Every vote counts!

(P.S. putting this on the forums and here so more people can see it! :))