The medium-ranged Sparky charges up for five seconds, then unloads immense ground area damage! She has quite a bit of health too, but can be reset by certain cards. Call her a trash can on wheels all you want. We'll see who laughs at the immense positive Elixir trades the 6 Elixir rolling Lightning can get.

Ice Wizard


A high-range support troop with medium health that slows enemies by a heavy 35%. The Ice Wizard can slow down multiple enemy troops so much that your troops get a lot more time to kill them than they normally would have had, all for 3 Elixir. Don't count on him to get in much damage at all though.



A lightly-armored troop with the highest range of any troop. She does thoroughly average splash damage at a relatively slow rate, but her long range lets her take out enemies and towers without them touching her. She takes two shots to take out a single Minion or Goblin, so they are good choices for defending a Princess at the bridge. She is very valuable for a 3 Elixir card.

Minion Horde


Six fast, moderate-damage single-target near-melee air troops. Unarmoured but targeting both ground and air, their sheer numbers are enough to overwhelm any non-air targeting card and some air-targeting ones. The 5 Elixir card can be dropped in between multiple units to take them all out at once, yet offers no value against air-targeting splash units.

Royal Giant


A hulking beast of a man. Costs 6 Elixir, does thoroughly average damage but has a cannon for long range, targets buildings and has a very high amount of health. He outranges every building, so he can be used to snipe them all down while brushing off enemy attacks as if they were nothing. He works very well against towers, and will attack as soon as he crosses the bridge.

Elite Barbarians


A pair of troops that cost 6 Elixir and are infamous for their sheer power. They have high health, very high single-target melee damage and move extremely fast. Together they can deal unbelievable damage to any single-point unit, but are very weak to swarms. A simple spell can eliminate this weakness, however. One can never be too paranoid when Elite Barbarians are on the field.

Goblin Gang


Five unarmored fast Goblins for 3 Elixir. Three have knives for melee combat, and two have spears for ranged attacks. The Goblins' DPS really helps to clear away most ground troops, while the Spear Goblins can defend against most air units. Together, they can defeat most ground units. Be wary of splash cards when deploying this Goblin Value Pack, however.



It's a ball of fire, what'd you expect? The Fireball does moderate damage in a moderate area while dealing moderate knockback to most units. This 4 Elixir classic can provide game-changing value by destroying or crippling most enemy units, and can be used to clutch a win or destroy pesky enemy units.