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    The most game-changing update yet has launched just in time for Supercell's summer! We have new cards, new Clan War features, and cards moving Arenas!

    ...guess they got bored of their old Arenas?

    Two new cards have been released, and we can expect a third in July. The Giant Snowball and Royal Hogs can be collected now.

    The Giant Snowball is a 2 Elixir Common card. It is unlocked in Frozen Peak. It launches a snowball at a desired spot, doing only 124 damage and knocking back all but the heaviest units, as well as slowing them all down for 2 seconds. It cools down opponent swarms and pushes, because you don't want the heat to get to their head and your Princess Towers, but its low damage makes it fall into the territory of 2 Elixir utility spe…

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    A new electrifying update is here to shock us all! Roll up, roll up, and prepare to be astonished, astounded and amazed by this strikingly hot new tesla-powered Arena, zappy mechs, lightning destroyers and three new sparkling Chests that will make you live with joy!

    Also, prepare to be amazed by how feeble and numerous my puns are.

    The most shocking novelty is that the Arena ladder is finally complete! A new technology-powered Arena, the Electro Valley, has been added! It is reached at 3400 Trophies. Bored Hog Mountain players rejoice! This strikingly aesthetically-focused battleground is the eleventh zone of battle in the game, and has the according Chest rewards. Legendary Arena has been pushed up to Arena 12, and its rewards have been adj…

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    Guys, I made one of these before and got a ton of hate for it because people disagreed heavily. If you want to disagree, say, "I disagree with " instead of, "Dude you totally rated the ". If you don't it makes you no better than that one person who has a deck full of the cards you hate.

    With the balance changes, the Common cards have changed a lot. So let's rank these things. DON'T START WWIII IN THE COMMENTS.

    • 21: Skeletons

    The Skeletons are horribly underpowered. 3 Skeletons is extremely little and offers no value when compared to other cards like the Ice Spirit or Bats. Back when it had 4 Skeletons, it was a very OP card that actually took skill to use, but now... I'm sorry. They're terrible. Bring back Ledoot, Supercell. Their job is to dis…

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    This day is a big step for Clash Royale because the Epic Quests October 2017 Update has finally been released! When the Clash Royale developer team said it was "the biggest update ever," they couldn't be closer to the truth.

    The Free Chest is gone, Touchdown has been added, and Clash Royale looks much nicer overall! What with all of these new features, let's dive right in! Here's what's new from this update!

    Touchdown is a new game mode that has just arrived to Clash Royale, and it is unlike anything we've ever seen before! As of now, the only form in which we have seen Touchdown being played is as a 2v2 Draft event. It takes place in a unique Arena made specifically for Touchdown. This Arena has no bridges or Arena Towers. It is grassy and …

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    Hello and welcome to a series of blog posts I'll be doing. It's my thoughts on the most random of things, from the Bomb Tower to an armageddon of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Comment down below if you want me to do anything, but do NOT tell me "how to improve it" as this is purely my opinion and yours may be completely different. If you want to you can share your thoughts on how you'd make it different, but don't tell me stuff like "dude, you completely overrated the P.E.K.K.A" or similar things that imply that I did something wrong. Please don't start WWIII in the comments.

    With that aside, post anything in the comments that follows the rules and enjoy this random thoughts on post.

    The Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins (yes, that is he…

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