Type: Sparky

aka Transforming Eevee

  • I live in in... my... underground lair? Why are you asking me this?
  • My occupation is failing to ever become a rollback.
  • I am a Shiny Type: Null.
  • Type: Sparky

    I had an idea. If Clash of Clans has a single-player campaign, Clash Royale could have one too. But here I mean a proper campaign with bosses, rewards and everything.

    The Single Player mode would have an Arena Select screen, with the twelve (Training Camp -> Legendary Arena) Arenas on it. These Arenas would be grayed-out when locked and would be coloured once unlocked. Then, clicking an Arena would take you to a typical level map with each different level being represented by a circle.

    A Single Player level would mainly be made of battles with a few missions in-between. Some non-mission Single Player levels, however, would have enemies at the start that would need to be cleared first, and could even have different troops in the towers. They …

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  • Type: Sparky

    Card Overview post

    July 14, 2017 by Type: Sparky
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  • Type: Sparky

    There are a lot of Rare cards in the game. Here I rank all the Rare cards in my opinion, from worst to best.

    The Flying Machine is the worst Rare card. It's just a Rare Baby Dragon with more range, the same damage, no splash and that can die to Fireball. Use Baby Dragon instead. The extra range doesn't make this card better, as it can't survive nearly long enough to do good damage.

    The Barbarian Hut is really useless. Sure, it has a lot of health, but it spawns Barbarians way too slowly for defense. And they were built for defense, not for being pumped out from a hut on offense. A spell can easily shut this down hard. To work this card, you need a very specific deck and a game that goes your way. Which is really rare.

    The Goblin Hut is a chip…

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  • Type: Sparky

    There are a lot of Common cards in the game. Here I rank all the Common cards from best to worst, according to my opinion, research and experience.

    The Goblins are the worst Common card. Why? They are essentially stronger Skeletons which cost 2 Elixir, but they have no real use. Skeletons are a better distraction, Spear Goblins have range which makes them just as effective and Bats have the same damage as Goblins but are flying, for the same cost. They can be swapped for another better card, no matter what you use them for.

    The Spear Goblins are the second-worst Common card. The Bats just do their job better, and they are spawned from the Goblin Hut and Gangs with better ability. They also have low health, but have a better chance of killing…

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  • Type: Sparky

    Legendary Arena

    June 16, 2017 by Type: Sparky

    This is a test!

    • Legendary Arena is the eleventh and final Arena in the game.
    • It appears to be a black area with a river cutting across the Arena. The Arena is surrounded by brick walls and King statues. There is a gigantic Trophy spitting water into the river. Confetti is being sprayed everywhere and two houses can be seen on either side of the Arena. A small red carpet is laid on the Arena. There are two gold and wooden bridges crossing the river.
    • The Legendary Arena is reached at 3800 Trophies, and left upon going below 3750 Trophies.
    • It unlocks no cards, but does unlock the League system.

    Unlike the other Arenas, Legendary Arena unlocks no cards.

    • Leagues are a special feature which is unlocked upon reaching 4,000 Trophies.
    • While in a League, p…

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