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  • I live in In the Royal Arena
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is Destroying Towers and TownHalls
  • I am Barbarian
  • Tomasvbg123

    How to counter a X-BOW

    January 25, 2016 by Tomasvbg123

    Most of the problems for new players in Arena 4 or Arena 3 is the X-Bow, a acrd that, if you put it on the top of your side, it will start to take a big amount of hitpoints from your opponents tower.

    For me, the easiest way to counter a X-Bow are the troops or cards that target directly defenses, like a Hog Rider or a Giant, along with a splash damage troop, like a bomber, a wizad, or a dragon; with this troops you will create a squad that not only destroys an X-Bow, but you will create a huge offensive push to earn a crown.

    The cost is low, for example: A Hog Rider, 4 elixir; a Bomber, 3 elixir; and if you want to add power to you push, you can wait till you have 10 elixi for trowing an esxtra 3 elixir card, as a Knight, or a little bit mor…

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  • Tomasvbg123

    My deck

    January 12, 2016 by Tomasvbg123

    As my opinon,  think there are two types of card decks, the high elxir cost card deck (or hec-CD), whch average is 4.5 elixir or more, and the low elxir cost card deck (or lec-CD), which elixir average is 4.4 or less.

    In a norml card deck you have the tank units, Giants, Ballons, Knight, Golem or even a P.E.K.K.A., you have the dtraction unit, for dstractng attacks from your opponent like skeletons, goblins, minions, the long range unit, that can defend or attack behkd a tanking troop such as spear goblins, a musketeer, a bomber, archers; ths troops also make the role of the troop you need to defend from an ar attack, you can also take a support troop as the prince, he mini-P.E.K.K.A., the witch or troops like that; another option is to bri…

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  • Tomasvbg123


    January 11, 2016 by Tomasvbg123

    Here I wll be posting some good card decks you can use for counterng some cards or troops you always get stuck with, you can also promote your strategies to me and share them with the community!!

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