This game is extremely new and I don't want to complain in any way, I love the game, however, I had a few ideas I though could improve it.

  1. Make a way to somehow have more chest slots or be able to open some at an increased rate. A possible solution is have a one time largerer gem fee that allows you to do one of these things, similar to the builder system in Clash of Clans.
  2. Make a way to customize your defense: Maybe the option to do splash damage with overall damage decreased or keep your towers normal. Even a way to customize the way they look, or have the colors correspond with your clans flag would be cool.
  3. Random events that force players to employ new stradegies during the battles: Maybe a shark/monster could come and eat a random troop off the bridge from the river. Or maybe one of the bridges collapses and you can no longer cross there.

Please tell me what you think, everyone.