Instead of nerfing larries, they could have decreased the HP of all skeletons.

That way skeletons won't be OP but won't be so weak either. Graveyard would be less OP. Ice Wizard would be good again.

Also not to mention that you could've done this instead of nerfing skeleton army.

Supercell only nerfs cards based on their pick rate. In news royale they seem to pay attention to major players like oj or pat but they don't even seem to know the meta of the game they made. Graveyard got no nerfs ever since it's release just because it has a low pick rate due to it's high-risk but high-reward gameplay. Also in the 1/23 patch they decided to nerf zap just because of it's high pick rate, but they didn't know that goblin barrel was becoming incredibly popular in that time and they nondirectly buffed the goblin barrel.

And they buffed the log in order to compete with zap's high usage rate. Now, when zap is nerfed and goblin barrels are a main win condition card n owadays, they nerfed the log, twice in fact even when zap still is the most used card.