Dark Prince : Congratulations GLeen. But still, buffing his stats won't change his principle downside of getting his charge broken or his low HP. Anyways, it's good to see SC making notes on bad cards for once. I think he's now out of the worst 4 epics, although not a good epic... yet.

Electro Wizard : It's a rounding error guys, if ewiz hadn't got this nerf mini pekka woudn't be able to one-shot him even with the buffs on tourney cap.

Mini P.E.K.K.A : Ever since the oldschool goison was gone, he's been outclassed by his mom. I personally like that he's now able to one shot three cancerteers.

Night Witch : This nerf is even worse then poison getting it's slow removed, or the legendary xbow nerf. I agree that she was OP even with the initial nerf and remained meta for too long, however this is just too cruel. Now she'll be on the worst ever legendaries club with sparky.

Graveyard : You cannot imagine how much I am happy about this nerf. Finally, Subtank + Graveyard + Poison, that cancer-inducing combo is FINALLY nerfed.

Ice Wizard : Aside from the GY nerf, this is the second most happy news in my point of view. I've been keeping ice wizard out of my deck just because he coudn't one-shot larries, now he's usefull again. His DPS is still trash but really, most people use him for his slow, not his damage. Graveyard also has got one more counter (Iwiz doesn't die to poison in tourney cap) so yay!

Xbow & Mortar : Ah, the siege cards. The nostalgia when they were OP. I always wanted to see them great again (No donald trump pun intended) and now they're quite better then usual. Nice job SC on this one.

Heal : Doesn't really matter in my opinion, I think it's just to reduce the horde+heal combo. Three cancerteers will be one-shot to both pekkas anyways.

Bats : They should make them at least 6 or 7, even when they are 5 they still have downsides.

Battle Ram : Nice, battle rams are worse then ebarbs if you get caught off-guard with low elixir. Personally I'm starting to like SC's balance changes.

But I'm still pretty angry at SC for not buffing Sparky, Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, Bomb Tower, Clone or Mirror. If you don't care for these cards why did you make them?