NOTE : This involves my personal opinion. Please refrain from reading this post if you are offended from any of my opinions.


Giant Skeleton : Maybe buff the bomb radius, or the bomb load time. He's completly off-meta and considered trash as of now.

Dark Prince : More Health, or immune to crown control effects if the shield is on. Same to GS above, he's off-meta and is really outshined by other cards.

Clone : Cloning a unit fully instead of a producing a  sheet of paper 1 HP, but with a set time for it to exist would be better.

Sparky : Do I need to say anything?

Ice Wizard : At least make him kill larries.

Tesla/Cannon : Simply outshined by other towers or buildings. Needs a decent buff in HP or Damage. Maybe if the Tesla hit two targets just like ewiz.

Mortar : Maybe increase the splash radius, or make it last longer. 30sec is too short.

Bats : Count rollback to 5 please?

Bomb Tower : Death damage like in CoC perhaps?

Goblin Hut/Barbarian hut : Simply outshined by Furnace and Tombstone.

Rage/Freeze : More duration perhaps?

Mirror : Another +1 level for the mirrored card (i.e. level 8 Mirros mirros level 15 commons and level 7 legendaries)



Ewiz : Hasn't been nerfed enough. Needs another 0.1sec attack speed nerf.

Graveyard : 6 elixir instead of 5 elixir should be enough, in place for producing 3 more skeletons.

Night Witch : She's still OP. Reduce the bat production speed to 7sec, the same as a regular witch. Also reduce the bats on death to 2 from 3.

Knight : Used too much and pretty much counters every ranged dealer and suprise attacker such as bandit. Needs a HP -10% nerf.

Battle Ram : Overused and really hard to defend once it's combined with beatdown pushes or semi tanks/bandit. HP decrease probably?

Princess : Her main purpose is splash damage and log bait. Increasing her spawn time to 2sec or an damage decrease would be good.

Archers : Should be one-shotted by Logs and Arrows.

Goblin Gang : Decrease the Goblin count by 1.