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  • The Real Sargas

    Dark Prince : Congratulations GLeen. But still, buffing his stats won't change his principle downside of getting his charge broken or his low HP. Anyways, it's good to see SC making notes on bad cards for once. I think he's now out of the worst 4 epics, although not a good epic... yet.

    Electro Wizard : It's a rounding error guys, if ewiz hadn't got this nerf mini pekka woudn't be able to one-shot him even with the buffs on tourney cap.

    Mini P.E.K.K.A : Ever since the oldschool goison was gone, he's been outclassed by his mom. I personally like that he's now able to one shot three cancerteers.

    Night Witch : This nerf is even worse then poison getting it's slow removed, or the legendary xbow nerf. I agree that she was OP even with the initial ne…

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  • The Real Sargas

    Instead of nerfing larries, they could have decreased the HP of all skeletons.

    That way skeletons won't be OP but won't be so weak either. Graveyard would be less OP. Ice Wizard would be good again.

    Also not to mention that you could've done this instead of nerfing skeleton army.

    Supercell only nerfs cards based on their pick rate. In news royale they seem to pay attention to major players like oj or pat but they don't even seem to know the meta of the game they made. Graveyard got no nerfs ever since it's release just because it has a low pick rate due to it's high-risk but high-reward gameplay. Also in the 1/23 patch they decided to nerf zap just because of it's high pick rate, but they didn't know that goblin barrel was becoming incredibly…

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  • The Real Sargas

    NOTE : This involves my personal opinion. Please refrain from reading this post if you are offended from any of my opinions.

    Giant Skeleton : Maybe buff the bomb radius, or the bomb load time. He's completly off-meta and considered trash as of now.

    Dark Prince : More Health, or immune to crown control effects if the shield is on. Same to GS above, he's off-meta and is really outshined by other cards.

    Clone : Cloning a unit fully instead of a producing a  sheet of paper 1 HP, but with a set time for it to exist would be better.

    Sparky : Do I need to say anything?

    Ice Wizard : At least make him kill larries.

    Tesla/Cannon : Simply outshined by other towers or buildings. Needs a decent buff in HP or Damage. Maybe if the Tesla hit two targets just lik…

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