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  • TheO0032

    Arena 1 deck

    June 20, 2016 by TheO0032

    The deck consists of 3 parts:

    1. The core: You will mainly attack with this part of the deck

    2. Defense: 2 spells to defend against enemy attacks

    3. Throwaway cards: These cards should cost low elixir, and aren't part of the strategy.

    List of cards:

    Skeleton army: Very high damage if you don't counter it, can go well with even the throwaway cards!

    Mini PEKKA: Another high damage card, bury it in the skeleton army or make it hide behind the giant for maximum use.

    Giant: A shield, can be used to support the above.

    Baby dragon: A great area damage troop, can be used to prevent the enemy from swarming the giant or mini PEKKA.

    Arrows: the classic counter to a swarm, you should always have more than one.

    Fireball: used for eliminating "nightmare" troops l…

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