I HATE *insert card name here*

 *Insert card name* sucks I would rather pick this one

Everyone wants some cards to get more/less powerful . Which ones do I want ? Well...

(Also some ideas were from different people like smarty pants and Gleen)

Ebarbs - Speed change from very fast to fast

I despise them so much , will make them much easier to counter

Hog rider Damage decrease 11% or 9 % Hp decrease by 9%

I don't like facing him , this will make him weaker while also remaning fast tank (Kinda)

Tesla and cannon Range increase by 0.5 tiles, hp and damage increase by 12%

Both are underused, Inferno is better,so I want to give them a chance to step out of it's shadow

Dank prince Spiked club radius increase Hp incease by 15%

He is forever left alone in the dark, and gets outclassed by his brother and valkyrie ,So why not ?

Guards 1 more guard . When they have the shield the speed is medium, when they lose it, it's fast

Outclassed by larry and his 12 friends and goblin gang of five, This will make them like goblins, but better

Baby dragon - Splash radius increase by 10%

Although it is not underused (It has over 20% usage rate), And I find it to be pretty good, People still underestimate him(Also he is adowable as hell).I want more people to use, and appreciate him

Mini PEKKA - Hp increase 8% Damage increase 6%

NightWitchWhyDidYouDoThis #MakeTheMiniPekkaGreatAgain (Make the mini pekka the great PEKKA again ? That's me!)

That's it for now