In Clash Royale, some cards are Godly(God Barbarians), some are balanced(Valkyrie), and some are absolute garbage,in this blog I will look at 5 cards that NEED a buff, in no partcular order.(Don't kill me plz)

1.Trash can O wheels Sparky


Poor Me : (

Of course, how can I leave the very special Sparky out, for some reason Supercell is buffing Executioner and nerfing Skletons instead of buffing Sparky

I think a big buff like changing her cost to 5 and decreasing damage by a certain % or a death damage would be nice, making her immune to electricity would be too OP.She is godly in lower arenas but when you get to higher trophy ranges,everyone uses zap or electro wizard, which brutally destroy sparky

 2. Goblin hut AKA the worst spawner



Furnace's fire spirits help a lot on offence and defence, Tombstone is almost useless on offence but decent on defence for 3 elixir Barb hut is risky but decent on both

Goblin hut is useless,the spear goblins spawn at around 4.9 seconds, Sparky's charge has a charge speed of 5 seconds .Sparky's charge deals OVER 9000 over 1000 damage, spear goblins may build up with a tank, but they are so strong they don't 1 shot even skeletons. A hut that costs 5 elixir can chip 650 danage at tourney standard, but why would I use this when I can use a furnace(sry smarty)that can chip 1014 damage for 1 less elixir, and those spirits actually 1 shot goblins and have splash damage .I honestly think that spear goblins should get a big damage increase, but buff archers if this happens


3 Epic spells, all are useless 


Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu PU





I don't have much to say, but here is how I would buff all theseReduce their cost by 1 elixir, for mirror, remove the extra elixir cost Seriously that's all I have to say                

 4.Ice Wizard

This is probably the only card on the list that isn't utter useless, but still needs a buff

Of course he is decent on defence(that rhymes) but he is outclassed by his brother, electro wizard

I think a damage buff so that he one shots larries would be good enough, but if itsn't enough, increase his hitspeed

Ice Wizard

Hey I am not garbage am I ?(in finnish)

5. Zap

Ok just kidding

Real 5. Bomb Tower

How the mighty have fallen........

Bach in my day, bomb tower was unbreakable, because of its insane lifetimer. Even though tanks can resist its splash, it's crazy lifetimer and health gives the tank a hard time, but Supercell killed it by nerfing the lifetimer

I think a health or damage buff would be enough, but a death damage or making it spawn a bomber on death would also be nice.Hitspeed buff would be good too,just don't give it its former glory back



Which ones do you agree or disagree with ?