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    Fire Spirits are one of my favourite cards. However , they aren't that used. They have less than a 10% usage rate which isn't the worst but still they deserve to be used more. So I will teach everyone on how to 

    And now I shall start with my guide on these guys.

    These guys are awesome on defence. Minion Horde ? BOOM. Mini PEKKA ? BOOM.(Pull to the center for melee troops) Eternel Depression ? BOO- actually that doesn't work 

    Anyways , let's get more In-Depth on these cards

    Just place them a little far away from the Horde and BOOM (some habits never go away). However do NOT try to pull them as a few minions might ignore them and chip the tower.


    While they won't completely stop the former 2. They will prevent A LOT of damage. Just pull th…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    Hello  , today , I will be talking about cards that are underused , but I think they are very good ! Please don't kill me if a card that you think should be here isn't.


    This card is pretty decent on defence , but it is completely outclassed by Minions. I still find them to be a gud defensive card unless your opponent has zap.


    Like bats , most people prefer cards like Mini P.E.K.K.A.. He is still a good offensive and defensive card and his Rage spell is really good.


    WHY DOES NO ONE USE THEM !??!?!?!! tbh they deserve to be used 4x as much as their huge splash damage will wipe out any swarm. Most people prefer either (the mighty and overrated) Zap or Ice Spirit.


    This card is sooooo good yet sooooo underrated. …

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    H E L L O ! I am here to talk about my top 10 favourite cards .



    It can activate king and clump up troops for a splash troop or spell. 'Nuff said.


    EXECUTIONER. By far the best air splash troop. May not be able to handle tanks but can survive lightning unlike Wizard. But I think this spot should be shared by BOWLER. By far the best ground splash troop. Knockback . Oh and did I mention he can survive rocket ?

    MINIONS (3) Not that much to say here. They fly and deal good DPS. Spot is shared by ARCHERS Minions but you trade the DPS and one unit for higher HP and likely better ground defence.

    KNIGHT A really good all-rounder card. Good HP for his cost and easy to overlevel. …

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    In Clash Royale, some cards are Godly(God Barbarians), some are balanced(Valkyrie), and some are absolute garbage,in this blog I will look at 5 cards that NEED a buff, in no partcular order.(Don't kill me plz)

    Of course, how can I leave the very special Sparky out, for some reason Supercell is buffing Executioner and nerfing Skletons instead of buffing Sparky

    I think a big buff like changing her cost to 5 and decreasing damage by a certain % or a death damage would be nice, making her immune to electricity would be too OP.She is godly in lower arenas but when you get to higher trophy ranges,everyone uses zap or electro wizard, which brutally destroy sparky

    Furnace's fire spirits help a lot on offence and defence, Tombstone is almost useless o…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    Brrrrup ! The legendary miner is one of the few cards that is very hard to predict. But some people still don' know how to use him So I am going to make a post on how use the miner. With some bonus tips


    Let's face it the miner can pair up with pretty much everything, but these are the best, in my opinion.

    Both these troops hit like a bulldozer and are quite fragile, the miner can take all the shots while the glass cannon murders the tower

    Make sure to bring zap or arrows for swarms !

    Why is she ranked up those two ? Well, she spawns bats so there are 2 ways to utilizie that.

    1. You can either use the miner to tank for her so that she can spawn bats

    2. You can use her to tank for the miner, when she dies the miner will tank for the bats

    If your o…

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