Long ago, deep within a glorious and mystical valley far away, where kings ferociously battled for control and spells and magic roamed freely, there was a small magician born. He was born to a family of Wizards, known for their mastery of fire. Many cards feared them. Although, some cards could instantly kill them, such as a ferocious rocket.

The Wizards were very protective of their young, and therefore, their children are not unveiled till they are almost grown. This Wizard born, who would be the sixth generation for his family, was rather light. The Witch who oversaw the birth was deeply concerned and almost panicked.

"He's too light! He'll die!" Cried the Witch.

"I will not lose hope. Do something." Replied the father.

And so, the Witch did. The Witch tried her almighty best, but alas, the young baby was nearing its last breath. The Witch commanded the baby's father to fill up a glass jar with nearby Liquid Elixir. This concoction was known on the battlefield as Rage. The Wizards had been sporting a pool of Liquid Elixir for quite some time, and there was enough elixir left for what the Witch needed.

The Witch murmured some spells in an unknown language, whilst a slither of Liquid Elixir flowed out of the bottle and landed in the baby's heart. After she was done, the baby jumped back to life, letting out a large gasp of air, a screech, and finally, a cry. The mother and father smiled gratefully, and thanked the Witch.

"Is there anything we can pay you back, glorious Witch?" Questioned the father.

"Well, I am running low of gems. If you have 5 gems, please give them to me immediately." The Witch suggested.

The baby's mother gestured her husband to take some gems out of their stash. After returning after a short while, he brought five, emerald green gems and handed them to the Witch.

"Thank you." Said the Witch.

And with that, she left and was off to battle. A small army of skeletons trailed behind her. Meanwhile, the mother gently cradled the smiling baby in her arms, and sang him a lullaby:

Little wizard, little glorious wizard,

Go to sleep, go to sleep. For you need to charge your fire,

Little wizard, little wizard,

Go to sleep.

The baby let out a faint cry and went to sleep.


[To be continued. Expect the next part on Thursday, November 24th, 2016!]