The date above is when am I writing this blog I have no idea when the next update is coming 

Okay so I am going to write my OPINIONS on how balanced are the cards right now in clash royale tell me if I Buff or Nerf a troop too much


Damage Increase by 20% and Health Increased by 13.7%

Why: The Knight is outclassed by other mini tanks like Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner, etc. So giving him a Hp and damage boost will help him defeat a valkyrie 1 on 1.


Increase the Bomber's Damage by 4.5%, it's health by 16.7% and it's hit speed decrease from 1.9 sec to 1.8 sec

Why: The Bomber is underrated and should get a buff so he can be seen more in the higher arenas


Increase balloon's damage, death damage by 5%, health increase by 4.8% and have an area damage as big as the bomber on it's normal attack

Why: So the Balloon can get an extra attack in the tower and plus do you find it weird that the Balloon's bomb cannot cause area damage for it's normal attack 

Giant Skeleton

Increase Giant skeleton's Health by 10% and damage by 9%

Why: Because the Giant Skeleton cannot one hit kill goblins in tourament standards and for a walking melee tank it's health is too low.


Increase Tesla damage by 25% and health by 11.2%

Why: So the Tesla can one shot goblins


damage decrease by 7% but lifetime increase to 40 sec and health increase by 10%

Why: The Mortar's lifetime is low and it needs a buff


Damage Increase by 10%

Why: So it can one shot spear goblins

Spear Goblins

Damage decrease by 8%

Why: The Spear Goblins provide too much value for 2 elixir

Musketeer and Three Musketeers

Damage Increase by 10% Health decrease by 2.9%

Why: So the Musketeer can one shot Minions


Damage increase by 4% and Heath increase by 6%

Why: Very Minor buff but now the Wizard can one shot minions 4 levels higher and survive a fireball one level higher

Skeleton Army

Lv 1 Skeleton army have the same stats as a Lv 4 skeleton

Why: So the skeletons can survive one shot from a spear goblin


Damage and death damage increase by 28.5% and Health increase by 3.15%

Why: The Golem's dps comparing to the Giant is too low


Damage and Death Damage increase by 25% and Health increase by 1.5%

Why: Because the Golemites's stats should be divided by 5 from the golem's stats


Hit Speed Increased to 1.7 Damage increased by 8% 

Why: Giant combos are very strong and I think the Giant's hit speed should be like his brother


Damage decrease by 6% and tunneling speed decreased by 15%

Why: So the Miner can do less chip damage and you have more time to plant your troops to defend against the miner


Damage increased by 11.2% and range increase to 5.5 tiles

Why: So the Bowler can one shot archers


Elixir cost decrease from 6 to 5

Why: Too expensive


Damage increase by 14.3%

Why: So the Rocket can destory an X-bow 

Ice Wizard

Damage increase by 7% Health decrease by 9.7%

Why: So the Ice Wizard can one shot skeletons but it has too much health still for 3 elixir


Health Increase by 25%

Why: So it can survive chip damage


Damage increase by 7.5% and health increase by 2%

Why: After the area splash nerf that means the she is firing in a more concentrated spot and that should do more damage

Minions and Minion Horde

Damage decrease by 11.5%

Why: They deal do much damage for small flying troops

The Log

Damage increase by 10.5%

Why: One shot archers

Baby Dragon

Damage increase by 25% Health increase by 12.5%

Why: Flying push over needs a big buff

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Damage decrease by 7.5%

Why: Damage ratio to Knight is too much


Damage and Health increase by 6.5%

Why: So at tourament standards they have exactly 90 Hp

Dark Prince

Damage increase by 3.5%

Why: So the Dark Prince can take out the Guard's shield in one normal hit 

That is pretty much my OPINIONS for buffs and nerfs. Before you comment just think will you hurt someone's feelings writing this comment?