Name: Stomper-Tron 3000

Rarity: Epic

Cost: 5 or 6 ?

Obtained in: Jungle Arena (Arena 9)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: Melee (Actually it is the same as a Prince)

Hit Speed: 2 sec

Speed: Medium

Targets: Ground

Spawn Damage Radius: As big as a Rocket

Area Damage Radius: As big as a Dark Prince

Lv: 1 Health: 1500 Damage: 270 DPS: 135 Spawn Damage: 600

Lv: 4 Health: 1995 Damage: 359 DPS: 179 Spawn Damage: 798

Lv 8 Health: 2895 Damage: 521 DPS: 260 Spawn Damage: 1158

Image Description: Just imagine a Battle Machine (from Clash of Clans) but the Legs are much more fortified and the feet are much bigger and dangerous and there are no arms

What is your opinion about this troop card you think this card is OP, Weak tell me in the comment section

P.S This card was inspired from Jerdeboi since the stats are modified so a tournament standard Hog Rider cannot land a hit on the arena tower with this card's spawn damage and damage

Level 1 Stomper-Tron 3000

This might be OP