Name: Berserker

Rarity: Epic

Cost: 4

Obtained in: Jungle Arena (Arena 9)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: Melee 

Hit Speed: 1.4 sec

Speed: Fast

Targets: Ground 

Lv: 1 Health: 1000  Damage: 165  DPS: 117  Rage Increase 7%

'Lv: 2 Health: 1100  Damage: 181  DPS: 129  'Rage Increase 7%

'Lv: 3 Health: 1210  Damage: 199  DPS: 142  'Rage Increase 7%

'Lv: 4 Health: 1330  Damage: 219  DPS: 156  'Rage Increase 7%

'Lv: 5 Health: 1460  Damage: 240  DPS: 171  'Rage Increase 7%

Lv 6 Health: 1600  Damage: 264  DPS: 188  Rage Increase 7%

Lv 7 Health: 1760  Damage: 290  DPS: 207  Rage Increase 7%

'Lv 8 Health: 1930  Damage: 318  DPS: 227  'Rage Increase 7%

'Special: When the Berserker loses 10% of his total health his attack speed and speed will increase by 7% meaning if the Warrior/Berserker's health is below 10% at maximum his attack speed and speed will increase by 63% but in this state, he is very fragile. Healing a damaged Berserker will actually slow down his speed and attack speed.

Description: Roar!!!!!!! The Berserker feels the rage his attack speed and speed will increase the more he is damaged

Image Description (Since I can't find a good image on google): He wears a Thorny Helmet, Leather Boots, Wooden Chestplate covered in leaves, and wields a Bronze Sword.

Level 1 Berserker FQ

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