Name: Magician

Rarity: Legendary

Cost: 3

Obtained in: Spell Valley (Arena 5)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: 6 tiles 

Hit Speed: 0.9 sec

Speed: Fast

Targets: Ground and Air

Lv: 1 Health: 455  Damage: 110  DPS: 122  Magic Strike Damage: 550

Lv: 2 Health: 500  Damage: 121  DPS: 134  Magic Strike Damage: 605

Lv: 3 Health: 550  Damage: 133  DPS: 147  Magic Strike Damage: 665

Lv: 4 Health: 605  Damage: 146  DPS: 162  Magic Strike Damage: 731

Lv: 5 Health: 664  Damage: 160  DPS: 177  Magic Strike Damage: 803

'Special: On his first attack (Magic Strike') he will transform a single troop into a random troop. It will take him 3 seconds to launch his first attack. If his first attack will not transform a building into another building but it will deal heavy damage to the building. 

e.g Transforming a Giant into a Goblin or a Skeleton into a Giant skeleton.

His first attack can reset like sparky from a zap or Electro Wizard making him take another 3 seconds to launch his first attack. His regular attack will not reset.

His first attack also does not do any damage to troops only buildings.

Description: On his first attack after 3 seconds the magician will transform a single troop into a random troop. Will do heavy damage to anything else

When you place him he will say "Time for some true magic"

Level 1 Magican FQ (4)

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The Magician is a luck based troop as his first attack can transform a strong card into a weak card or transform a weak card into a strong card.

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