Name: Smog Monster

Rarity: Legendary

Cost: 3

Obtained in: P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse (Arena 4) or Spell Valley (Arena 5)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: 5 tiles (Similar to the Executioner he engages at 5 tiles but his smoke can reach up to 7.5 tiles) 

Hit Speed: 0.4 sec

Linear Splash like Bowler and Executioner

Attack Mechanic similar to a flamethrower

Speed: Medium

Targets: Ground and Air

Poison damage per tick: 1 sec

Any troops that runs out of the haze smoke will not longer be damaged

Lv: 1 Health: 770  Damage: 22  DPS: 55  Poison Damage: 30

Lv: 2 Health: 847  Damage: 24  DPS: 60  Poison Damage: 33

Lv: 3 Health: 931  Damage: 26  DPS: 65  Poison Damage: 36

Lv: 4 Health: 1022  Damage: 28  DPS: 70  Poison Damage: 39

Lv: 5 Health: 1120  Damage: 30  DPS: 75  Poison Damage: 43

It takes him 1.5sec to prepare for his attack when he engages an enemy.

Special: Poison smoke surrounds the Smog Monster constantly damages anything for a range of 3.5 tiles until death.

Description: A vile smoke spewing monster that covers an area of toxic smog constantly damaging anything around its vicinity talk about bad odor. 

Image Description: Just imagine a grayish/black monster who's body shape is similar to an Ice Golem and is as big as the Valkyrie. It has pores covering it's back which constantly spew out grayish smoke that is translucent. It has a huge mouth for expelling toxic smoke like a flame thrower which is its main source of damage.

Strong Against

-Low Health troops


Weak Against

-Mini Tanks

-High Damage spells

Should this card be obtained in P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse or Spell Valley?

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