Name: Blunderbuster

Rarity: Rare

Cost: 4 

Obtained in: Royal Arena (Arena 7)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: 4 tiles

Hit Speed: 1.5 sec

Area splash is 60-degrees in front

Speed: Medium

Targets: Ground and Air

Lv:1 Health: 375  Damage: 150  DPS: 100

Lv:2 Health: 412  Damage: 165  DPS: 110

Lv:3 Health: 453  Damage: 181  DPS: 120

Lv:4 Health: 498  Damage: 199  DPS: 132

Lv:5 Health: 547  Damage: 219  DPS: 146

Lv:6 Health: 601  Damage: 240  DPS: 160

Lv:7 Health: 661  Damage: 264  DPS: 176

Lv:8 Health: 727  Damage: 289  DPS: 192

Lv:9 Health: 799  Damage: 318  DPS: 212

Lv:10 Health: 878  Damage: 349  DPS: 232

Lv:11 Health: 965  Damage: 384  DPS: 256

Description: She wields her Blunderbuss with pride blasting anyone trying to get close to her

Summary: A girl wielding a short ranged blunderbuss which deals high damage in a 55-degree area splash.

Image Description: Just imagine a female who's height is similar to a musketeer and clothes similar to a gunner in the middle ages.

To Use This Card

-Take out low health swarms 

-Deal heavy damage to medium health swarms

-Pair this with tanks

To Counter This Card

-Surround this card 

-Mini Tanks


What is your opinion about this troop card you think this card is OP, Weak tell me in the comment section