Name: Killer Rabbit

Rarity: Legendary 

Cost: 2

Obtained in: Spell Valley (Arena 5)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: Melee

Hit Speed: 0.5 sec

Speed: Very Fast

Lv:1 Health: 300  Damage: 190  DPS: 380

Lv:5 Health: 438  Damage: 277  DPS: 554

Description: Most Rabbits that the Wizard summon are pretty friendly but then there are some exceptions

Special: When this rabbit is 3.5 tiles away from the enemy it will lunge quickly at the enemy at start attacking immediately.

The Killer Rabbit's retargeting system is as fast as the X-Bow

Inspiration (warning this has blood and violence)

Picture from Godsoncoc

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Killer Rabbit Level 1
Level 1 Killer Rabbit HD

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