Name: Demolisher

Rarity: Rare

Cost: 4

Obtained in: Builder's Workshop (Arena 6)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: Melee

Hit Speed: 2 sec

(Area Damage as big as the bomber)

Speed: Fast

Slow First Attack speed (1.2 seconds)

Lv:1 Health: 830  Damage: 140  DPS: 70  Damage to Buildings: 350  DPSTB: 175

Lv:7 Health: 1468  Damage: 246  DPS: 123  Damage to Buildings: 615  DPSTB: 307

Lv:11 Health: 2147  Damage: 358  DPS: 179  Damage to Buildings: 895  DPSTB: 447

Description: This lad with his Sledge Hammer shall smash all buildings in his way you don't want to get hit with that hammer 

Inspiration: Why not have a troop that does more damage to buildings?