Name: Electric Wizard

Rarity: Epic

Cost: 4

Obtained in: Spell Valley (Arena 5)

Deploy time: 1 sec

Range: 5

Hit Speed: 1.7 sec

Stun time: 0.5 sec (does not reset charge attacks ,inferno damage, aggro and attack animation)

Speed: Medium

Electric bolts can chain up to 6 targets

Lv:1 Health: 480  Damage: 120  DPS: 70

Lv:4 Health: 636  Damage: 159  DPS: 93

Lv:8 Health: 927  Damage: 231  DPS: 135

Description: This shocking wizard will zap you with his stunning thunderbolts which can chain multiple enemies 

Inspiration: There is an Ice Wizzard and a regular Wizzard that shoots fireballs so why not add a Wizard that can shoot thunderbolts


-You cannot surround him since his electric bolts can chain multiple targets that are close together

-The Electric Wizard electric bolts can hit all 6 minions unlike the Wizard where his fireballs cannot hit all 6 minions