Name: Transform

Type: Legendary

Cost: 2

Obtained in: Spell Valley

Radius: 2.5

(Spell Card)

Special: this spell card when it hits a building or troops it will transform into another building or troops respectively by their card type into another card which yields the same elixir cost for a short duration. It's health by percentage will stay the same.

Transform Spell e.g

Giant (5 elixir), when hit by the transform spell, will be transformed into another unit that cost 5 elixir like Wizard, Witch, Bowler, etc but won't transform into buildings.

'Tombstone (3 elixir), When hit by the Transform spell will 'be transformed into another building that cost 3 elixir like a cannon but won't transform into troops.

If the Transform spell hits a unit or building like Skeleton or Barbarian Hut which there is only card type with that certain elixir cost then it will transform the building or troop into the closest similar elixir cost possible. e.g transforming Skeletons ( 1 elixir ) into Goblins ( 2 elixir )

The Transform spell does not transform crown towers.

The Transform spell will still keep the level scale at the same rate e.g Transforming a lv 6 Giant into a Lv 3 Witch.

Transform Spell when it comes to health

If you transform a Giant at full health at tournament standards (3344) into a Witch then the transformed unit will have the health of a full health Witch (665).

'If you transform a Giant at half health 'at tournament standards (1672) into a Witch then the transformed unit will have half the health of a Witch (332 or 333) and the health percentage will stay the same even when transformed into a tougher or weaker unit


Lv 1 Duration: 7sec

Lv 2 Duration: 7.3sec

Lv 3 Duration: 7.6sec

Lv 4 Duration: 7.9sec

Lv 5 Duration: 8.2sec

Description: Abracadabra transform a building or troop into another (typo error in the card's description) building or troop with the same elixir cost for a short time. Does not affect crown towers.


-You can transform Tanks into glass cannons with this spell so you can kill them easily within the 8 seconds

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Level 1 Transform FQ

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