Name: Giant Snowball

Type: Rare

Cost: 3

Obtained in: Frozen Peak (Arena 8)

(Spell Card)

Range: 14

Width: 3.6

Explosion Radius: 3 tiles

Rolling mechanic similar to the Log but does not roll through troops like the log it explodes when it hits the first ground unit.

Lv:1 Damage: 190  Damage to Crown Towers: 76  Ice Golem Level: 1  Slowdown time: 3sec

'Lv:7 'Damage: 334  Damage to Crown Towers: 133  Ice Golem Level: 7  Slowdown time: 3sec

'Lv:11 'Damage: 486  Damage to Crown Towers: 194  Ice Golem Level: 11  Slowdown time: 3sec

Description: The Giant Snowball rolls through the arena exploding on the first thing it hits then an Ice Golem pops out of the' Giant Snowball' to continue the fight.

Info: Summons a Giant Snowball that rolls down the arena and explodes when it hits the first ground troop or building damaging and slowing down troops and buildings for 3sec and summons an Ice Golem when the Giant snowball explodes. The explosion can hit both ground and air troops and does knockback similar to a fireball. You can only place the Giant Snowball on your side like the Log.


- You can use something like Skeletons to block the Giant Snowball's explosion from hitting your crown tower.

- When the Giant Snowball is rolling air units cannot get hit by the Snowball but its explosion will damage them.

Level 1 Giant Snowball FQ (1)


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