Okay So after seeing the balance updates it's time for me to write my opinion about the balance change

Giant: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

I am good with this nerf I mean I and getting tired of seeing this deck used all the time 

Poison: Will no longer slow movement and attack speed

Okay this nerf is too strong I thought that they will nerf the damage or radius but no more slower movement and attack speed wow that is harsh. At least decrease the posion effect from 20% to 10% or 5%.

Elixir Collector: Elixir cost increased to 6 (from 5), Elixir gain increased to 8 (from 7), Lifetime increased by 10sec

This is my favourite balance change because most of my decks don't have high damage spells or miner and so many people pump up with this deck. Even though I love this balance change at least increase it's Hp by 3.5% because when is stays longer in the arena then it gives the opponent more time to destory this pump.

The Log: Rolls faster and further, Damage increased by 9%

Make it kills archers ughhh Supercell

Skeleton Army: Elixir cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Skeleton count decreased to 16 (from 21), Skeleton level increased by 5

I love this balance change this makes the skeleton army more useful in defense but I wonder if this card can still kill a crown tower?

Ice Golem: Death Damage will also damage flying troops

Give it as much health as a goblin hut

Golem: Death Damage will also damage flying troops

Please Supercell increase the Golem's damage and death damage by 28.5% and it's health by 3.15%

What I want next for Future Balancing

-Increase the Knight's health by 13.7% and his damage by 20%

-Increase the Bomber's Damage by 2%, decrease it's health by 4.5% and increase it's range to 5 from 4.5

-Increase ballon's damage, death damage, health by 5% and have an area damage as big as the bomber

-Increase Giant skeleton's Health by 10% and damage by 9%

-Increase Tesla damage by 25%

-Decrease the Baby Dragon's attack speed from 1.6 sec to 1.4 sec and increase range to 3.5 from 3

-Decrease the Princess range from 9 to 8 (still can attack crown tower without getting targeted), Increase it's health by 2% and damage by 7.5%

-Increase Arrows travelling speed by 15%

-Increase Ice Wizard damage by 4% and decrease it's health by 8.2%

-Increase the Wizard's damage by 4% and it's health by 6%

-Increase the Musketeer's damage by 10% but decrease it's health by 2.9%

-Increase the Bomb tower's damage by 25%

-Increase the lumberjack's damage by 5%

-Increase the goblin's damage by 10% (since in clash of clans goblin's dps is more than barbarians)