Supercell already did a good job with the latest Friendly battle but I feel like they can do more so here are my Ideas to make Friendly battle more fun

Don't worry before you comment about me making the friendly battle to complicated before you start a friendly battle it will give you a button that says default to start a regular friendly battle quickly

-Have the ability to change the tournament standards levels for each player (e.g Blue players have 7/7/2/1 level cards while Red Players have 10/10/5/2

Reason: To make battles more interesting and maybe give the noobies to have a better chance to fight against the more advanced player with a level advantage

-Change the amount of time needed in a battle from 1 minute to 5 minutes 

Reason: Make battles more challenging by reducing the time or have more time to do one of those how many troops can you place in one match challenge

-Change the elixir production speed from 1 elixir per sec to 1 elixir every 5 sec

Reason: So we can have more fun spamming troops down or be very strategic and manage your elixir wisely

-Random Decks

Reason: So instead of searching online for a random deck generator the game will automatically give us a random deck so we will be fighting with no knowledge of the deck we are using 

-Add a raspberry face emote

Reason: Taunting with friends is fun but don't do that to strangers

So these are some ideas I got what do you think?

P.S Don't be rude let's have a nice civil conversation