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Okay so looking at this leak and it's discription I kinda fan girled so hard because the discription and mechanics is almost similar to my Electric Wizard blog bost. I know this looks fake is probably fake but I was happy that i wasn;t the only person to think of an Electric Wizard because that will fit so well in the game. Except this card it too overpowered I mean it deals more damage than a wizard and it's stun time is 0.5 seconds? I mean what!!

I got the picture from


-Range is 5

-Cost is 4

-Has a stun mechanic


-Way more damage

-less health



-can attack 2 units at a time

-stun time is stronger

-faster hit speed

-this card is not an epic


So my reason why I wanted a Electric Wizard in the game because I wanted a hybrid of the Wizard and Ice Wizard so the Electric Wizard is the perfect canditae by paper. His rarity is between a rare and a legendary, His cost is more than a Ice Wizard but less than a Wizard. His damage is less than a Wizard but more than an Ice Wizard and so on. Plus Fire, Ice and Thunder seems perfect I mean there is already a Fireball spell, Freeze spell and a Lighting spell so the Electric Wizard will perfectly fit with the Wizards.