• Sayajiaji

    Fan Cards Series 1

    October 6, 2016 by Sayajiaji

    These are a bunch of fan cards made by Sayajiaji.

    NEW ARENA: Cursed Forest, 2600 trophies.

    NEW ARENA: Steel Sea, 3000 trophies. Pushes Legendary Arena to 3500 trophies.

    Pyro: Has the same amount of health as a hog rider and moves very fast. Holds a flamethrower and locks onto the furthest target (6 Range) and damages that target and any targets between. It attacks every 0.5 seconds and does 20 damage. Costs 4 Elixr. It is a Pekka's Playhouse unlock and is Rare.

    Leaf Spirit: Does splash damage when it his an enemy, and makes leaf shaped blades shoot out in 4 directions. The blades travel for 3 tiles and do not activate or damage an inactivated King Tower. Costs 1 Elixr. It has the same amount of health of an ice spirit. It is a Cursed Forest Un…

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