Hey guys, I just wanted to show some card ideas for clash royale that I think might be useful- and yes, they are no clash of clans related. I am tired of people posting card ideas for clash royale from clash of clans because its not an "idea". If you havent noticed, supercell likes to come up with new cards more than take card srom clash of clans. Anyway I thought of this guy with a jetpack that shot an inferno gun, but then the inferno dragon came out and it was a lot like my idea.

CARD IDEA !: Doctor toxic

Description: Doctor toxic was an ordinary scientist until a creation to make a toxic substance went wrong. Now he is a toxic monster and has it in his blood.

What he does: Doctor Toxic throws poison bombs every 3 seconds that does 150 area damage and does 30 area damage per second for 5 seconds. Around Doctor Toxic Is a  poison aroma that if troops go into they will get effected by it(The poison aroma is like a small poison spell around doctor toxic). Doctor Toxic has a range of 5.5. When he dies his he leaves his toxic formula on the battlefield(a poison spell.)

Why will he be useful:  Doctor toxic can counter troops like barbs,minion horde, and maybe even prince. He has 3 special effects which make him so good.

1:he leaves a poison spell when he dies

2.he has a poison aroma around him so you cant just put a minion horde on top of him to counter like you can do to other troops when they are distracted.

3.  his bombs will slow down the troops(like ice wizard)

All for 7 elixir!

I will post another troop next week :)