Damage Increase by 20% and Health Increased by 13.7% .

Why: The Knight is outclassed by other mini tanks like Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner, etc. So giving him a Hp and damage boost will help him defeat a valkyrie 1 on 1.

- I agree , it will also one shot goblins and archers in equal level .


Increase the Bomber's Damage by 2% and it's hit speed decrease from 1.9 sec to 1.8 sec range increase to 5 from 4.5 .

Why: One Shot Archers, please .

- You hate archers user ? ( sorry if hurts ) Btw , nice buff , I like it .


Increase balloon's damage, death damage by 5%, health increase by 4.8% and have an area damage as big as the bomber on it's normal attack .

Why: So the Balloon can get an extra attack in the tower and plus do you find it weird that the Balloon's bomb does not do area damage for it's normal attack .

- i . No , I don't find it weird .

ii . There is a more weird thing , balloon's death damage deals area damage although it is the same bomb  .

Giant Skeleton

Increase Giant skeleton's Health by 18% and damage by 17% .

Why: Because the Giant Skeleton cannot one hit kill goblins in tourament standards and for a walking melee tank it's health is too low. (Even these huge buff will give the Giant skeleton less health and damage of a giant) .

- Even Skeletons 10 level higher can't be one shot by Giant Skeletons ! So , a buff of damage is a must .


Increase Tesla damage by 25% and health by 11.2% .

Why: So the Tesla can one shot goblins .

- Nice , I am also a minor Tesla user so this is a nice buff .


Damage Increase by 12% but lifetime increase to 40 sec and health increase by 10% .

Why: The Mortar's needs a buff and it is significantly weaker than an x-box .

- What ? An X - box ? 


Damage Increase by 10% or 20% .

Why: So it can one shot spear goblins plus there are not alot of goblins in the higher arenas :( .

- Hey ... So it is also OK to increase Spear Goblins Damage to one shot Goblins back .

Musketeer and Three Musketeers

Damage Increase by 10% Health decrease by 2.9% .

Why: So the Musketeer can one shot Minions .

For my opinion , if increase damage so can one shot minions , then the usage of minions and minions horde will decrease . That  is not a " Balance Update " .


Damage increase by 4% and Heath increase by 6% .

Why: Very Minor buff but now the Wizard can one shot minions 4 levels higher and survive a fireball one level higher .

- Yah , I also hope SUPERCELL will buff the Wizard so that he at least survive a fireball ( like barbarians ) .


Damage and death damage increase by 23.5% and Health increase by 3.15% .

Why: The Golem's dps comparing to the Giant is too low .



Damage and Death Damage increase by 20% and Health increase by 1.5% .

Why: Because the Golemites's stats should be divided by 5 from the golem's stats .

- Honestly for the Golem and the Golemites I have nothing to say because I use it rarely .


Hit Speed Increased to 1.7 Damage increased by 5%  .

Why: Giant combos are very strong and I think the Giant's hit speed should be slower .

- Why ? You should buff the Giant ( because I am a Giant user , don't get triggered if you are a Giant haters ) instead of neffing it ( although it is very OP ) .


Damage decrease by 6% and tunneling speed decreased by 15% Increase health by 8% .

Why: So the Miner can do less chip damage and you have more time to plant your troops to defend against the miner .

- Agree .


Hit Speed decrease to 2.4 and range increase to 5.5 tiles .

Why: I dunno .

- ...


Elixir cost decrease from 6 to 5 and damage decrease by 7.6% .

Why: Too expensive .

- Then just decreased the Elixir cost to 4 !


Damage increase by 14.3% damage to crown towers decrease to 30% from 40% .

Why: So the Rocket can destroy an X-bow and less hut spamming .

- i . Less spawner deck !

ii . Less "end game rocket" (throw rocket to towers to win )!

Ice Wizard

Damage increase by 12% Health decrease by 5.2% .

Why: So the Ice Wizard can one shot skeletons but it has too much health still for 3 elixir .

- Make it like a normal Wizard !


Health Increase by 25% .

Why: So it can survive chip damage .

- 15% is enough , don't make it similar Hitpoints to Furnace .


Damage decrease by 5.6% and health increase by 2% range decreased to 8 from 9 hit speed decrease to 2.8 from 3sec .

Why: She has been appearing more often and she still will be to target the crown tower without being targeted .

- ... Are you a Princess user ? More than half wants a nerf and you give she a buff ...

Mega Minion

Health Decrease by 5% and Damage decrease by 1% .

Why: Just to make the Mega Minion more manageable .

- Most likeable changes in the whole entire changes . In higher arenas , the Mega Minion is very hard to counter and very OP to both attack and defend .

The Log

Damage increase by 2% .

Why: One shot archers .

- After looking the whole entire blog post , my feeling is like : " Ummm ... Smartypants264clashroyale ? You hate archers that much ? Why you keep wishing many cards to one shot archers ? "

Baby Dragon

Hit Speed Decrease to 1.4sec damage increase by 5% .

Why: Flying push over needs a buff .

- Agree , this card should be a mini tank for air . ( the Lava Hound is the main tank in air . )

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Damage decrease by 4.5% .

Why: Damage ratio to Knight is too much .

- OK ... At least neff this card so its DPS is lesser than the Lumberjack and it will take more hits to a same level Hogrider ( if nothing is supporting ) .


Damage and Health increase by 6.5% .

Why: So at tournament standards, they have exactly 90 Hp .

- For damage : It is OK ; for health : Which health ? Hitpoints or Sheild Hitpoints ? Or both ?


Health Increase by 4.6% and damage increase by 4.4% .

Why: Prince should one shot Witches with a charged strike .

- And not more than four charged strike for the Valkyrie !

Dark Prince

Damage increase by 3.5% Shield health increased by 25% .

Why: So the Dark Prince can take out the Guard's shield in one normal hit .

- In tournament levels , the Dark Prince can already take out the Guard's shield in one normal hit ...

( One random question : Did the Dark Prince's charged strike does area damage ? )


Damage increase by 9.9% and health increase by 7.7% .

Why: P.E.K.K.A is not very strong in the meta .

- i . What is a " meta ": ?

ii . Too OP for a increased of almost 10 % , 4.9 % is enough .( Because if increased THAT much , P.E.K.K.A. takes 3 shot for a tournament level crown tower instead of 4 . )


Damage increase by 4.5% .

Why: So The Valkyrie can defeat barbarians in 3 swings .

- ( As a support to you ) Yes , and one shot the Archers !

Bomb Tower

Damage increase by 25% and health increase by 5.3% .

Why: This card is not in the Meta .

- i . Seriously , whta is a meta ?

ii . I agree , this card usage seems to be very less .

Fire Spirits

Damage decrease by 20% Health decrease by 20% Troop count increase to 4 .

Why: The Furnace is so annoying and out of 4 at least 1 fire spirits should reach the crown tower .

- Half agree , half disagree .

Agree : "  Furnace is so annoying " The most in the famous " Trifecta Furnace Deck " .

Disagree : " Troop count increase to 4 " In tournament levels , out of 2 in 3 can reach the crown tower with or without being damaged by the crown tower ... So why increase to 4 ...


Damage increase by 15% .

Why: Minions should get killed by a tornado .

- Archers too .

Royal Giant

Damage Decrease by 20% Hit Speed Decrease to 1.5 sec .

Why: Royal Giant needs a nerf because of the new meta . 

- Agree just because I am a Royal Giant hater ( Don't get triggered again if you are a Royal Giant lover ) .


Damage increase by 20% and lifetime increased to 50sec deploy time increase to 5sec .

Why: The X-Box is starting to get popular again and it needs more time for reaction .

- You say you want to nerf but why you buff ...


Troop count increased to 4 again .

Why: Ice Spirit is such a popular card for 1 elixir and Ledoot needs to come back to make the skeletons great again .

- So the Skarmy ( Skeleton Army ) troop count will decrease back to 15 again ? ( Just asking ) 

Ice Golem

Health Increase by 20% .

Why: So an Ice Golem can survive a sparky blast .

- OK , not a over buff .


Damage increase by 4.5% and travel speed increase by 50% .

Why: Because in the higher arena with log, zap and tornado arrows is becoming weaker .

- I agree with you because this is only call the " Balance Update " .


Cost decrease to 3 elixir, duration decrease to 3 sec at lv 1 .Leveling up the Freeze spell will increase it's duration by 0.4sec instead of 0.3sec  .

Why: So Freeze spells can be more versatile  .

-  First is Log , then is Arrows , then is Lighting , now is Freeze . You pretty like to balanced up all the spell cards ! 

One final word , the next time you post some blog post did you mind add a full stop after every sentence ...