Here are a few major comments : 1.) I think you recycle a few BU ideas . 2.) Try rounding the decimals at the percantage to whole numbers to make it more clearer next time . 3.) Put full stop , please ...4.) It seems like you hate Fire Spirits and Furnace .5.) Btw where is the BU of January .(It is here )


Damage Increase by 20% and Health Increased by 13.7% or 18.3 %

Why: The Knight is outclassed by other mini tanks like Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner, etc. So giving him a Hp and damage boost will help him.

- You tell this everywhere .Health increased by 15% is good but for the damage I don't think so he needs one .


Decrease the Bomber's hit speed decrease from 1.9 sec to 1.8 sec range increase to 5 from 4.5

Why: He is good but not good enough to compete with the other splash card and his sluggish hit speed means against barbarians 1 on 1 the barbarians still might have a chance to land a hit on the bomber.

- If perfect timing , Bomber can land two shot on the Crown Tower with the help of zap after this buff .Also , since its hit speed is decrease , its damage should be decrease like 2% too because it will be " fair " for low arena Archers player so that Bomber won't become the hard counter to Archers .


Increase health by 4.8% 

Why: This might not be a big buff but there have been so many clutch moments that a balloon is about to attack but then he dies.

-It is even good to let it die and drop the bomb(death damage) in front of the Arena Towers to damage both towers and troop .

Giant Skeleton

Increase Giant skeleton's Health by 20% or 15%, damage by 16% or 8% and death damage by 5.6%

Why: Because the Giant Skeleton cannot one hit kill goblins in tournament standards, for a walking melee tank it's health is too low and finally a minor death damage buff can kill the future executioner card in one blast. (Even these huge buff will give the Giant skeleton less health and damage of a giant).

- No comment , it is great .


Increase the Archer's damage by 5% and range to 5.5 tiles from 5 tiles

Why: So the Archers can one hit kill fire spirits.

-( As above no.4 )

-They nerf the Archers at the January BU .


Increase Tesla damage by 25% or 18%, health by 11.2% or 15.6% and range by 0.2 tiles

Why: So the Tesla can be a stronger counter to the Royal Giant.

-Yup , also if you see OJ video , there is a glitch about the HogTesla and the uneven reaction about the Tesla and the Royal Giant .


damage decrease by 2% but lifetime increased to 35 sec, health increase by 10% and hit speed decrease to 4sec

Why: The Mortar's needs a buff and it is significantly weaker than an x-bow.

-Good buff for siege and chip deck . IMO , Mortar need to be balance to the X-bow because the latter rose up into the meta some time ago .


Damage Increase by 10% or 20%

Why: So it can one shot spear goblins plus there are not a lot of goblins in the higher arenas :(

-10% is enough , do not let it two shot Archers .

Musketeer and Three Musketeers

Damage Increase by 15% or 10%

Why: So the Musketeer can one shot Minions.

-Agree , as a can-target-air troop , suprisely , air swarm is it counter card .


Damage increase by 4% or 8% and Heath increase by 6% or 9%

Why: A Minor buff but now the Wizard can one shot minions 4 levels higher and survive a fireball one level higher.

-Aren't Wizard can one-shot Minions all the time ? Not really agree to the health buff because it will decrease the appearance of Fireball at medium arenas .

-There had a longer range now .


Damage and death damage increase by 23.5% or 21% and Health increase by 3.15%

Why: The Golem's dps comparing to the Giant is too low and I don't see a lot of golem users.



Damage and Death Damage increase by 20% or 10% and Health increase by 1.5%

Why: Because the Golemites's stats should be divided by 5 from the golem's stats.

-  No comments because I am not really a Golem user . Saying about Golem , I wish it's Elixir Cost decrease to 7 and decrease some health and damage .


Damage decrease by 6%, tunneling speed decreased by 10% and deploy time increase to 1.1sec (from 1 sec)

Why: So the Miner can do less chip damage and you have more time to plant your troops to defend against the miner.

-Damage is normal damage or CTD ? Btw I agree .


Hit Speed decrease to 2.4 sec or 2.3 sec

Why: So the bowler can compete with the executioner.

-Good buff , this will balance the usage of both Bowler and Executioner .


Elixir cost decrease from 6 to 5 and damage decrease by 7.6%

Why: Too expensive. 

-( For the first quote )Not quite a good thing , this shift Lightning deeper in the meta . 

-(For the secong quote ) Ok , let cards weak to Firball at least survive the Lightning .


Damage increase by 14.3% damage to crown towers decrease to 30% from 40%

Why: So the Rocket can destroy an X-bow and less hut and rocket spamming.

-"crown towers decrease to 30% from 40%" What ? Agree 90% .

Ice Wizard

Damage increase by 12% Health decrease by 5.2% or 2.2%

Why: So the Ice Wizard can one shot skeletons but it has too much health still for 3 elixir.

- As the only Wizard that can survive a Fireball-Zap combo , this half-buff-half-nerf BU will still make as a best-legendary-card .


Health Increase by 25% or 17%

Why: So it can survive chip damage.

-Again , 15% is enough , don't make it's health like the Furnace or even the Goblin Hut .

Mega Minion

Health Decrease by 5%, damage increase by 5% but increase hit speed to 1.5sec

Why: Just to make the Mega Minion more manageable.

-The January BU somehow do almost the exact same thing you wishGranted .

Baby Dragon

Hit Speed Decrease to 1.4sec or 1.5sec, damage increase by 5% and health increase by 6.3%

Why: Flying push over needs a buff.

-This " cute " area-damage card need a buff ( so that it won't stuck in the Skarmy ) to not just make it " cute " but " good area damage flying troop " .


Damage and Health increase by 6.5%

Why: So at tournament standards, they have exactly 90 Hp and 90 damage.

- Again , which health ?


Health Increase by 4.6% and damage increase by 6.2%

Why: Prince should one shot Witches with a charged strike.

- Good luck dealing with the Skeletons by the Witch !

Dark Prince

Damage increase by 3.5% or 14% and Health increase by 2.9%

Why: So the Dark Prince can take out the Guard's shield in one normal hit.

-Again , it can in TLS .


Damage increase by 9.9% or 14.9%, health increase by 3.85% or 7.7% and deploy time decrease to 2sec

Why: P.E.K.K.A is not very strong in the meta.

-After this BU , it takes two-shot to a TLS Crown Tower .


Damage increase by 4.5%

Why: So The Valkyrie can defeat barbarians in 3 swings.

- 2% is enough already .

Bomb Tower

Hit speed decrease to either 1.4 sec or 1.3sec

Why: So this card can kill swarms and elite barbarians faster.

- It already can kill swarms ...

Fire Spirits

Health decreased by 2%

Why: So the crown tower can one shot them.

-( Standing on your side ) And prevents pressure(chip damage) .


Either the cost increase to 5 elixir or decrease the life time to 40sec (from 50sec)

Why: I just hate this card more than(you spell it wrong) Elite barbarians.

-At the intro of Furnace , it is 5 Elixir . It usage is at the bottom of the rank .


Damage increase by 15%

Why: Minions should get killed by a tornado.

-3% is enough ...(lazy because of keep adjusting)


Troop count increased to 4 again

Why: Ice Spirit is such a popular card for 1 elixir and Ledoot needs to come back to make the skeletons great again.

-TBH , I start playing CR after the Skeleton nerf so I can't really understand how good it will be if it's 4 Skeleton .


Damage increase by 4.5% and travel speed increase by 20 or 30%

Why: Because in the higher arena with log, zap and tornado arrows is becoming weaker.

- Agree , this is really call a BU .


Cost decrease to 3 elixir, duration decreased to 3 sec at lv 1. Leveling up the Freeze spell will increase it's duration by 0.4sec instead of 0.3sec 

Why: So Freeze spells can be more versatile.

-Glancing at all your BU , this is the best . Although it will make HogFreeze regrow , it is a very good idea to buff .

Elite Barbarians

Damage decrease by 4%, health decrease by 4%, 8% or 10% and hit speed increase to 1.5sec (from 1.4 sec)

Why: Meta that's it. To make it more managable to defend and decrease its powerfulness of attack.

-(As above) Granted .

Dart Goblin

Damage increase by 6% and health increase by 10% or 14%

Why: Needs to kill minions in 2 hits.

-With the health increase , it will squeeze the 3rd hit in the Dart Gob vs Crown Tower 1 vs 1 situation .


AOE increase to radius of a fireball or Freeze and hit speed decrease to 4.5 sec (from 5 sec)

Why: This card is too easy to kill.