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    POTW 14

    May 23, 2017 by SPEAR GOBLIN

    Back into another POTW! Sorry for the inactive last week due to my mid year term exam. Without further saying,let's start!

    Most of the time, Princesses are placed near the bridge, and the Princess can attack the tower immediately when she is placed at the bridge, meaning it is guaranteed chip damage to Crown Towers and it is very difficult to prevent any damage onto Crown Towers when she is placed at the bridge. This deployment time nerf will allow defending players to distract and destroy the Princess without taking any damage to their Crown Towers. Lack of time,so I stop here first,stay tuned for more POTW!

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    POTW 12

    May 9, 2017 by SPEAR GOBLIN

    Skip the intro and jump into the polls!

    The Zap nerf update made goblin barrel a little to OP, maybe a small damage nerf would help make it less of a meta. That's all for this week,stay tuned for more polls!

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    Alright from now onwards , I will be responsible for this blog because the initial guy is active.If everything is fine,I will publish this every Tuesday(in my country ). Most(not all) polls ideas will be taken from here: Without further saying,let's go !(Btw,this is testing mode,I will really start at next week.

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    Here are a few major comments : 1.) I think you recycle a few BU ideas . 2.) Try rounding the decimals at the percantage to whole numbers to make it more clearer next time . 3.) Put full stop , please ...4.) It seems like you hate Fire Spirits and Furnace .5.) Btw where is the BU of January .(It is here )


    Damage Increase by 20% and Health Increased by 13.7% or 18.3 %

    Why: The Knight is outclassed by other mini tanks like Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner, etc. So giving him a Hp and damage boost will help him.

    - You tell this everywhere .Health increased by 15% is good but for the damage I don't think so he needs one .


    Decrease the Bomber's hit speed decrease from 1.9 sec to 1.8 sec range increase to 5 from 4.5

    Why: He is good but not …

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    Thoughts of BU 11/15

    December 13, 2016 by SPEAR GOBLIN

    Alright , guys , there will be a BU on 11/25 so I will post my thoughts here .

    Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints +19%, Damage +14%, Hit Speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec)

    - The card whom receive the most buff in this BU . IMO , it is more reliable to defence since before the BU it is more suitable to defence . 

    Tornado: Radius +10%, stronger pulling power

    - Yup , make it more easier to messing up push ! 

    Inferno Dragon: Hitpoints +5%, re-targets 0.4sec quicker

    My wishes for Furute updates

    Inferno Dragon: hitpoints by 10%

    So that fix a strange thing at tournament caps that Inferno Dragon have lower health than Baby Dragon despite being bigger, increased it hitpoints by 10% so this strange thing no longer happen again   by ZeoCocYup Zeo , here is it .


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