• RoyaleMan

    Hi guys! I thought that if Clash of Clans had heroes, why not Clash Royale? I also realized that many people wanted heroes to appear in the game, so I have come up with some ideas on how Supercell could add heroes to the game. Hope you like my ideas and feel free to comment on this blog post. See you in the arena!

    1. Heroes can be unlocked in all arenas except Legendary Arena. Each arena unlocks only one hero.
    2. Heroes can be unlocked from the shop, and unlike the other cards, heroes are available permanently in the shop, as long as you reached the required arena. Heroes can be bought with gold, and if you have enough hero cards, the hero will be upgraded automatically.
    3. Hero cards cannot be unlocked or obtained from chests. They are also shaped li…

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  • RoyaleMan

    Hi, there! I have been inspired by a blog posted somewhere around March and I came up with suggestions for more achievements. Here are some ideas. Feel free if you have any objections. See you in the arena!

    Current Achievements Available:

    1) Team Player

    Join a clan.

    2) Friend in Need

    • Donate 25 cards.
    • Donate 250 cards.
    • Donate 2500 cards.

    3) Road to Glory

    • Reach Arena 2.
    • Reach Arena 4.
    • Reach Arena 6.

    4) Gatherer

    • Gather 20 cards.
    • Gather 30 cards.
    • Gather 40 cards.

    5) TV Royale

    Watch a TV Royale Replay.

    New Achievement Ideas.

    1) Cannon Crusher

    • Destroy 10 cannons in duels without letting them self-destruct.
    • Destroy 40 cannons in duels without letting them self-destruct.
    • Destroy 100 cannons in duels without letting them self-destruct.

    2) Mortar Mauler

    • Destroy 10 mortars …

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  • RoyaleMan

    New Arena Idea

    June 20, 2016 by RoyaleMan

    Here are some ideas on what arenas Supercell can publish for future updates of Clash Royale. Feel free to comment if you have any objections or opinions. Take note that these ideas are not for real, but they are my suggestions based on what Supercell can do to expand the game further.

    • Legend Trophies will no longer be implemented on Legendary Arena. It will be implemented in Underworld Arena, but the trophies will be known as "Crown Trophies".
    • Legendary Arena will be treated as a normal arena like the previous ones. Cards will also be unlocked in the Legendary Arena.

    • Unlocked at +3500 trophies. Will demote you back to Legendary Arena when you have less than 3450 trophies.
    • Cards unlocked:
    1. Ninja (Common).
    2. Jump (Rare)
    3. Samurai (Epic)
    4. Elementist (Legen…

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  • RoyaleMan

    Here are some card ideas for future updates in Clash Royale. Feel free to comment if you have any objections.

    • Cost: 2 Elixir
    • Hitpoints: 43
    • Area Healing: 80
    • Targets: Air & Ground
    • Speed: Very Fast
    • Range: 2
    • Rarity: Common
    • Type: Troop
    • Arena: Arena 5
    • Count: 3

    "Freshly created from the ocean, these three Water Spirits bring in the aid to endangered allies. Adorable as they are, they cleanse their allies with healing effects only created near the Pacific. Cannot be deployed unless there are ally troops present."

    • Cost: 3 Elixir
    • Hitpoints: 500
    • Damage per Second: 38
    • Hit Speed: 1.2 sec
    • Damage: 45
    • Building Damage: 135
    • Targets: Air & Ground
    • Speed: Medium
    • Range: Melee
    • Rarity: Common
    • Type: Troop
    • Arena: Arena 6

    "Contrary to his occupation, the Builder doesn't build but he wrecks…

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