• Reikogodlove

    While playing Clash Royale, I have been confronted with some of the enlightening situations. You never know until you see it. I will explain 3 situations on how to use those, I have called it, small hacks for Clash Royale.

    1. Miner redirected to King's Tower – Miner is perfect if you want to engage King's Tower into battle in the 1st period of the game. It is the most benefitial to have Arena Tower + King's tower together engaged against your opponents cards. You win in this case...if you know what you are doing. J Anyway, you can see on the picture here perfect position of Miner card and card you'd want to use to redirect Miner's attack is Fireball card.

    After all is done correctly, Miner will hit King's Tower 100% and engage it. WIN!

    2. Hog R…

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