The X-Bow: pre-requisite of the Strategy, and its namesake!

HELLO there, ladies & gentlemen, Pyro here, and in intention to connect with with other Wikians of the Clash Royale Wikia, here is my own, personal Strategy in Clash Royale: the X-Bow Blitz.

This deck is built to be a control deck (for Arena 3+), with every card used in affiliation with another in offensive, and defensive measures, centralized around the Strategy's namesake, the X-Bow.

Ahead of time, this Strategy incorporates a collective bulk of information and is, in its entirety, a Strategy of higher complexity - feel free to read at your own leisure and time!



The entire basis of this Strategy is the X-Bow, and the entirety of this Strategy is the effective use of this card. The first requisite of the Strategy, is the 50%/50% chance the X-Bow will be in the starting 4 cards which can be drawn.

In the starting moments of the battle, place the X-Bow on your territory, at the side of which you wish to draw your offensive. If the Tombstone is in your deck, place it on the respective side of the X-Bow - this will act as a defence against any counters - before the X-Bow is spawned, and immediately targets the Crown Tower on the attacking side. This step is crucial: if the opponent places a counter-attack before the X-Bow is spawned, protect the X-Bow at all cost, with your cards: Barbarians or Archers for a Melee counter-attack, Arrows or Witches/Baby Dragon for any hordes of enemies (or for Goblin Barrels), Fireball if necessary (for multiple high-hitpoint troops) or Minions for a relatively small melee counter and remember, you also have the aid of the Tombstone.

If the enemy counter-attack is defeated, the X-Bow will proceed to target and inflict immense damage upon the targeted Crown Tower. Counter any enemy offensives with any of the other cards, and aid the X-Bow as well - it will not be worth its effort, if your own Crown Tower is destroyed as well - and if successful, the opposing Crown Tower will be destroyed, and you can proceed to launch another offensive.

If an enemy Crown Tower has been destroyed, the opponent will be hording Elixir for a major counter-attack. Before the opponent can counter however, launch your own offensive against the King's Tower with the cards in your deck, spawning Archers, Barbarians, Minions & Witches and placing the opponent on defense, but logically leaving some cards to be played in your own defense

If there are enough troops to counter any cards which will be spawned, place another X-Bow to target the King's Tower, and if successful, the King Tower will be destroyed, earning a VICTORY.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this Strategy - and feel free to comment any objections or provide any feedback towards the Strategy!