ATTENTION: This worked only in previsous updates. Doing this now will do nothing.

Hi guys,

Today, I'll show you how to chnage text color in Clash Royale Clan Chat.

It's really simple - you don't have to use any third-party softwares. 

So, firstly, you'll ned to choose some color. You can pick it here.

Then type this: <chex color code>Your text</c> Don't worry, only Your text will be shown. 

So, if you type <cff0000> Red </c>, it will show up as Red.

Alternative to hex code is normal number (1-9), but this won't let you make nice customized colors.

You can use this in Replay Share text box, Name Change, Clan Name & Description and Friendly Battle text box.

Howewer, this might not work in next updates.