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  • Prokop0223

    Hi guys,

    Today, I'll show you how to chnage text color in Clash Royale Clan Chat.

    It's really simple - you don't have to use any third-party softwares. 

    So, firstly, you'll ned to choose some color. You can pick it here.

    Then type this: Your text Don't worry, only Your text will be shown. 

    So, if you type Red , it will show up as Red.

    Alternative to hex code is normal number (1-9), but this won't let you make nice customized colors.

    You can use this in Replay Share text box, Name Change, Clan Name & Description and Friendly Battle text box.

    Howewer, this might not work in next updates.

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  • Prokop0223

    Great game

    March 11, 2016 by Prokop0223

    I was waiting from January, when I got first info about he game, untlil the global launch. I expected that it will tke longer time to global launch. But only 2 months made me happy. I like this game so much. I hope Ϩll make this wiki better place...

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