This is my current deck that got me to late Frozen Peak, if it doesn't work for you or your'e underleveled the recommended leveling for this deck in Jungle Arena is tournament standards and occasionally slightly lower.

The required cards are . . .

Night Witch: Possibly the win condition in this deck counter pretty much everything due to the bats and high DPS and works well in pushing.  The main push in this deck consists of Night Witch Mirrored an Ice Golem tnking and an Electro Wizard. Very high in the meta if you don't have it Witch can replace it.

Elecro Wizard: Great for stunning and taking down air troops and works great in pushes.                                         I definitely recommend placing on top of Minion Hordes for a positive elixir trade. Great Card and replacable by Wizard.

Ice Golem:OK tank although not the best even though isn't OP works well with this deck. a 4 elixir push of this and Goblins can take a tower and if countered usually a positive elixir trade for you, this push only works at the very start.

Goblins: Good tank killer although outclassed by guards except in cost, great for a bit of chip damage if overleveled enough so the tower has to three shot one.

Skeletons: A group of gangsters led by Larry, very underused and great for cycling and wrecking glass cannons, in my opinion 7/10.

Fire Spirits: THE BEST these hotheads kill MInion Hordes and are great in pushes, it can even kill a Balloon when mirrored, in my opinion third best card in Spell Valley to Graveyard and Zap.

Skeleton Army: Very powerful and great for killing Hog Riders and other non Splash damage units, the only issue is that is a bit feeble because Zap is so in the meta.

Zap: Very powerful and cheap, good in pushes and killing Swarms definitely my favourite common that is so easy to get.

The main push of this deck is Mirror Night Witch an Electro Wizard and an Ice Golem tanking, after that just spam your cheap troops behind, this deck has a 70% win rate.

If you like posts like this please comment and I will post a new deck.