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    Night Wizard Spam

    June 28, 2017 by PlasmaPulse

    This is my current deck that got me to late Frozen Peak, if it doesn't work for you or your'e underleveled the recommended leveling for this deck in Jungle Arena is tournament standards and occasionally slightly lower.

    The required cards are . . .

    Night Witch: Possibly the win condition in this deck counter pretty much everything due to the bats and high DPS and works well in pushing.  The main push in this deck consists of Night Witch Mirrored an Ice Golem tnking and an Electro Wizard. Very high in the meta if you don't have it Witch can replace it.

    Elecro Wizard: Great for stunning and taking down air troops and works great in pushes.                                         I definitely recommend placing on top of Minion Hordes for a positiā€¦

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