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    So, since tomorrow is the big balance we've been waiting for, I decided to make my personal ideas for the balance change.

    So first off is....

    Bats- Count decreased from 5 to 4

    Bats can be pretty strong for a 2 elixir common. Overall, I hate cycle decks and, in general, cheap cards. But most of all, I hate Spell Bait. Making Bats weak enough to not even reach the tower will make them a less versatile option in decks and hopefully bring some variety in decks as that is what Balances are supposed to do.

    Royal Ghost- Hit Speed decreased to 1.6sec from 1.7sec, Invisibilty Transition takes 1.2sec from 0.7sec, Visible when spawned

    His hit speed is really slow honestly and I think it shouldnt be so low. Do I think he's OP? No, only in big pushes howeve…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    If I could present Supercell with 10 card ideas of mine, these would be it. I tried to think what they would enjoy the most and what would they find interesting. I avoided CoC implementations unless the mechanics were completely different from the original concept. I also worked away from card variants and tried to prosper NEW ideas.

    10. Kabuki

    The Kabuki is an original idea that I feel is hard to convey/ explain. She throws a dagger that travels from one enemy to the next. At lvl 1, she only hits up to 4 enemies, but as you lvl her up, it increases by one. The max is 8, so at when she reaches lvl 5, her Max Target Hit will be at maximum potential as she is an Epic.

    9. Ice Breaker

    The Ice Breaker is a more relevant and fresher card than most …

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  • PROblemGamer14

    So I've come up with 2 spells and 2 Troops that I think will most likely be implemented from Clash of Clans to Clash Royale. Most 4-Card updates carry atleast one card that was inspired by CoC (which i think is cool). Since no buildings are likely to be added, i havent added them to this list sadly.

    NOOO HEEERRRROOOEEEESSSS! I think heroes would be cool but im not including them right now.

    Earthquake: I think the Earthquake would be an awesome card in the game. A building-targeting spell would be different and cool. If it were implemented i believe it could either be an Epic or a Legendary and most likely be cheap, and i was hoping it could be the first 1-elixir Legendary.

    Jump: Im thinking that this card would make troops jump over the river a…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    Top 81 Cards in CR

    January 5, 2018 by PROblemGamer14

    Ok, so i created a list that didnt go so well and i admit i am the one to blame. I revised it to fit everyone's perspective. I also added the 3 new cards.

    81. Skeletons

    80. Clone

    79. Heal

    78. Barbarian Hut

    77. Mirror

    76. Mortar

    75. Bomb Tower

    74. X-Bow

    73. Freeze

    72. Lightning

    71. Rocket

    70. Spear Goblins

    69. Ice Golem

    68. Cannon

    67. Zappies

    66. Three Musketeers

    65. Graveyard

    64. Skeleton Barrel

    63. Night Witch

    62. Inferno Dragon

    61. Giant Skeleton

    60. Goblins

    59. Cannon Cart

    58. Elixir Collector

    57. Bomber

    56. Poison

    55. Baby Dragon

    54. Minion Horde

    53. Sparky

    52. Lumberjack

    51. Flying Machine

    50. Mega Minion

    49. Goblin Hut

    48. Guards

    47. Battle Ram

    46. Hunter

    45. Princess

    44. Dark Prince

    43. Miner

    42. Tesla

    41. Bowler

    40. Barbarians

    39. Rage

    38. Elite Barbarians

    37. Tombstone

    36. La…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    All Cards in CR Ranked

    November 27, 2017 by PROblemGamer14

    I made an entire list of the best cards in Clash Royale from Worst to Best. I had to change it many times, so I hope this goes good.

    78. Skeletons

    77. Clone

    76. Mortar

    75. Mirror

    74. Barbarian Hut

    73. Bomb Tower

    72. X-Bow

    71. Heal

    70. Rocket

    69. Ice Golem

    68. Freeze

    67. Speae Goblins

    66. Inferno Dragon

    65. Cannon

    64. Lightning

    63. Giant Skeleton

    62. Skeleton Barrel

    61. Elixir Collector

    60. Three Musketeers

    59. Graveyard

    58. Goblin Hut

    57. Cannon Cart

    56. Goblins

    55. Poison

    54. Tesla

    53. Minion Horde

    52. Mega Minion

    51. Night Witch

    50. Battle Ram

    49. Lumberjack

    48. Baby Dragon

    47. Bomber

    46. Sparky

    45. Barbarians

    44. Guards

    43. Flying Machine

    42. Elite Barbarians

    41. Miner

    40. Bats

    39. Bowler

    38. Ice Spirit

    37. Dark Prince

    36. Lava Hound

    35. Tombstone

    34. Princess

    33. Archers

    32. Furnac…

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