Duo Prince Combo


  • PrinceCard

    Candy Cane Spear Guy

    Duo Prince combo is a powerful combo from Prince (unlocked at Training Camp), and Dark Prince (unlocked at Arena 7).
  • Both of the can charging


  • Deploy them together. My recommend is put the Dark Prince in the front of the Prince.
  • Dark Prince can splash damage, so it can protect the Prince from any distractions troop. Plus of its shield makes it more powerful for beating' em.
  • It's more powerful than using Three Musketer (same cost,9). Can destroy Crown Tower very fast (if it's undefended).
  • Defense building is a good counter to Duo Prince combo. Also combine it with in-group troops like Goblins, Skeleton Army,etc to defeat em easily.
    • Note that If the Dark Prince are done with the distraction building, it can attack your in-group troops. So, use a high hit point in-group troops like Barbarians to finish em.
  • They can be used to defending your crown tower.


  • If they're distracted by building like Cannon, Barbarian Hut, Inferno Tower, etc, two of them will be distracted plus will be destroyed with another defending troops from your enemy.
  • A very high elixir consumption combo (9 elixir) makes it very long to wait it.