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aka 25-927316

  • I live in Metallic place
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is make my enemy losing their trophies
  • I am P.E.K.K.A.
  • P.E.K.K.A horde

    Duo Prince combo

    April 24, 2016 by P.E.K.K.A horde
    • Duo Prince combo is a powerful combo from Prince (unlocked at Training Camp), and Dark Prince (unlocked at Arena 7).
    • Both of the can charging

    • Deploy them together. My recommend is put the Dark Prince in the front of the Prince.
    • Dark Prince can splash damage, so it can protect the Prince from any distractions troop. Plus of its shield makes it more powerful for beating' em.
    • It's more powerful than using Three Musketer (same cost,9). Can destroy Crown Tower very fast (if it's undefended).
    • Defense building is a good counter to Duo Prince combo. Also combine it with in-group troops like Goblins, Skeleton Army,etc to defeat em easily.
      • Note that If the Dark Prince are done with the distraction building, it can attack your in-group troops. So, use a hi…

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  • P.E.K.K.A horde


    April 24, 2016 by P.E.K.K.A horde
    • Donate is an activity that you can give some card (Common and Rare) to a clanmate..
    • You can do it minimal if you're level 3, because it's the level that's unlocks Clan.

    • Donate can gives you more golds and experiences, and it's good for your economy (for buying something and/or upgrade your cards), and your level (can up your level).
    • Donate are very important, you can get gems from the donate's achievement when you completed it. Also can up your level because it's important to your Crown Tower's DPS and Hit Point.
    • The cards that can be donate is Common and Rare only.
    • If you donate Common cards, you can donate 2 cards and the Experience (xp) is 2 (1 xp/card). But if you donate Rare cards, it can give you 10 xp. But you only can donate 1 cards bec…

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