How's it going guys my name is Peeeeew... Nah just kidding.

Hello and welcome to my series of That Epic Battle! This serie is about some darn good battles. I will credit Mini P.E.K.K.A, SPEAR GOBLIN and Adboss123. Alright, here comes the Episode:


Level 10. 3116 Trophies. Battle Deck:

Hog Rider - Henry

Archers - Archy & Amy

Valkyrie - Shmi

Cannon - The Champ

Arrows - Airstrike

Mega Minion - Old Ben

Minions - Minou, Minn & Miley

Rocket - KaBoom


Level 7. 1850 Trophies. Deck:

Skeleton Army - Skellies

Minion Horde - Blue. Bleu, Blu, Bluh, Blou & Red

Zap - Electro Shock

Wizard - Magician

Giant - Big One

Inferno Dragon - Laser Eraser

Fire Spirits - Hot, Burns & Flames

Graveyard - Boneyard

Battle V2

The Remacth of the Fifth Battle, aka the First Battle of Round II starts soon in the dusty Bone Pit. The crowd says that Oscar1 would win the Oscar Award in cheating. He says that it won't matter anyways now he has a good deck. Boston32, who is considered the most veteran player of the Epic Tournament, changes some cards. He brings a different Rocket into battle, and dumps Icer. Oscar1 does also change some cards. Bloo, one of his minions retired from clashing so he is replaced by Red.

The Battle begins with Big One and Boneyard. Archers defend the right tower from Boneyard and The Champ from the Big One. They successfully defend and start a counterattack with Shmi and Henry. Blou and his team demolished the attack but let in 400 damage. Airstrike fully smashed the horde. He uses the horde as a bait and sends Skellies on the left lane. The Minions wipe out those Skellies. Henry and Shmi are sent on the right. As Boston32 predicted, Oscar1 will defend with Minion Horde. He shot the Airstrike before Red dealt much damage. Henry defeated the right tower. Boston32 was spamming laugh and cry emotes, trying to prove the point that Oscar1 cannot win without cheating. Oscar1 places down Big One on the right corner and Magician behind him. Boston32 is waiting. Oscar1 as expected sends a a Laser Eraser which was predicted. KaBoom explodes Laser Eraser and the Magician. Big One is defeated by The Champ. Double Elixir Time starts. Shmi an Henry goes for the left tower. Skellies and Fire Spirits defend. Big One and Boneyard attacks desperately, but gets easily shut down by The Champ, Amy and Archy. Shmi and Henry attack once more on left. Magician defend, but it was not enough.

The match ends 2-0 for Boston32. Boston is celebrating big; he is going to the Finales. Laser Eraser burned a skeleton. The minions from both sides start a fight.


I hope you liked this Episode! If you are interested, you can read Episode I, II, III, IV or V. Happy Clashing!